Barbara Sheppard is the owner of Persnickety Pantry at 732 Shawnee in Leavenworth.

Barbara Sheppard is the owner of Persnickety Pantry at 732 Shawnee in Leavenworth.

1. You just opened a new restaurant in Leavenworth called the Persnickety Pantry. Can you tell us about the types of food that will be offered?
I am offering a new option for lunch (open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.). I serve signature sandwiches, satisfying salads and homemade soups. In the fall I will be offering a hot entree’ each day. Homemade desserts are also available.

2. Have you been in the restaurant business before or is this your first venture, and why did you decide to open a restaurant in Leavenworth?
I retired from teaching last year and wanted to try something new that I have always enjoyed doing — cooking. I opened my sandwich shop in Leavenworth because my sister, Kathy Huskey, has lived here many years. She felt Leavenworth could use another lunch venue in the downtown area.

3. Did you decide on the idea of a mostly carryout restaurant because so many people have busy work schedules and can't afford to spend a lot of time away from their jobs to eat lunch?
I want to emphasize that I do have limited seating because the building space is quite compact. But, yes, I want to serve those people with busy schedules and encourage call-in orders.

4. What are your specialties and what would you suggest that a first-time customer try?
A number of my repeat customers enjoy the vegetarian sandwich. My soups allow me to get creative with choices like sausage-rice, cheese and country vegetable.
I enjoy making desserts and they are reasonable priced. Originally from Texas, I am a southern-style cook.


5. Where did the name Persnickety Pantry come from? The restaurant is the home of the Persnickety Pickles. How would you describe these unique pickles?
I began making pickles and marketing them for a number of years. Persnickety means “very particular.”
My father has been a big influence and supporter of this venture (he resembles the picture on the pickle jar label). He is quite particular and so am I, fussy about small details. Persnickety Pickles are a unique sweet pickle with a “kick.”
I get many compliments about them. I have customers who tell me that they drink the juice. They are served will all sandwiches and are also for sale in my shop, as well as the Kansas Country Store and The Pot Rack.

— Rimsie McConiga