The defining trait of pets is how much they totally love us and do not ask for much in return.

The defining trait of pets is how much they totally love us and do not ask for much in return. I am also fascinated by many of their other qualities, most of which come from their animal nature. Dogs and cats excel over humans in many of the senses. There are other unique endearing behaviors our pets seem to have that are hard to define. These make me smile.


A woman in Scotland had a friendly dog come into her yard one afternoon. He appeared to be clean and well fed. He did look a bit weary she reported. He was wearing a collar but no identification. When she went into her home, the dog followed and she allowed it, wondering what he had in mind. The dog immediately went down the hall, curled up in a corner and went to sleep. An hour later, he awoke and went to the door asking to be let out.


The following day the ritual was repeated. The dog appeared, got a pat on the head and went inside for a nap. This continued off and on over the next several weeks. Wanting to know more about this dog’s circumstances, the woman attached a note to his collar. She wrote, “I would like to know who owns this sweet loveable dog and wonder if you know that almost every afternoon, your dog comes to my home for a nap.”


When the dog returned as usual the next day, he had a new note. It read, “He lives in a home with six children, two under the age of 3 and he is trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?”
In Maryland, a retriever mix named Dozer managed to slip through the electronic fence and went on an adventure without the knowledge of his owners. He came upon a crowd of people cheering and others running down the street and decided to join them…all two thousand of them! They were running in the 2011 Maryland Half Marathon and were at mile five when Dozer joined them. He kept pace with the participants for the remaining eight miles, even pausing to get drinks of water offered by bystanders. When he crossed the finish line, bystanders videotaped him and he immediately became a YouTube hit.


The race was to raise money for a cancer center. Dozer’s popularity and fame grew as word of his run circulated. A “Dozer” fund was created and donations came to over $30,000. This year Dozer was the “host” of the race and participated in ceremonies prior to the start. He did not run this time.
Meanwhile Dozer’s owners searched for the dog, completely unaware of his athletic feat and were overjoyed when he appeared home the next morning. They did notice that he seemed a bit tired. Once they learned about his big run, they had him checked by the vet and all was well. He received a participant’s medal from race organizers and now has his own page on their website.
Here is a cute story about what cats will put up with just to entertain their owners. This family had a large collection of beer coasters…those lightweight discs that bars use. They had two very mellow cats that had a high tolerance for anything. The owners devised a contest that goes like this: the cats are settled comfortably on the floor and the family gathers around them. The humans take turns tossing the beer coasters and attempt to get them to land on the cats. The object is to see how many coasters you can get on the cat before they move or flick them off. Apparently, the cats do not mind. They are not forced to stay and usually return for another game after the coasters fall off.
I feel blessed to have my pets and cannot imagine life without them.  I particularly enjoy their quirky behaviors and antics as they continually train us in their ways so that we can best serve them.