There was a warm glow glistening from the street lights on Wednesday.

There was a warm glow glistening from the street lights on Wednesday.

Sweltering heat rose from the pavement. The scene at Warren Middle School was electric with anticipation. A brave group of riders ranging from one to 12 would not be deterred.

Straddling their bikes, helmets in hand, sipping water from bottles donated by Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Shop, the energy coursed through the air. The turn out was outstanding with 57 children ready to conquer like riders attacking the final stage of the Tour de France. Then the moment came and they were off.

Each child pumped their pedals with determination as they rounded through the course. These kids battled the heat and persevered. Every child was a champion in their own right and we would like to recognize the top three riders in each category.

ages 1-5 — William Ross, first; Josie Denney, second; Spencer Black, third

ages 6-8 — Michael Bert, first; Eli Todd, second; Alec Gonzalez, third

ages 9-10 — Harry Ross, first; Abby Olsen, second; Andrew Kohl, third

ages 11-12 — Liam Hackler, first; Elizabeth Bert, second; John Finnegan, third

Not to be out done, an eager group of adults readied themselves to tackle the course.

There were three categories and every rider attacked as if their lives depended on it. The competitive nature oozed from their pores and the sweat dripped onto their handle bars. We would like to note that this was the first race for Sonny Hatton and Michael Donegan. Additionally, David French is new to the juniors race.

adults category 5 — Jason Hodge, first; Sonny Hatton, second; Michael Donegan, third

adults category 4 — Mark Ramsden, first; Sean Smith, second

juniors and ladies category 4 — David French, first

We hope you will join us at the next Late Night Under the Lights event on Aug. 8. Help us support and teach our children the thrill, competitive spirit and safety of cycling.
Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Shop would like to thank every person who contributed to make this happen.

In particular, we would like to recognize Roger Harrison, for his time and assistance setting up the course and photographing this exciting event.

We hope to see you soon and remember, ride safely.