Football coach, teacher Sean Sachen selected to lead Raider athletic department.

For the third time in less than five minutes, the phone exploded in the background.

“There is another one,” Sean Sachen laughed.

Smack dab in the middle of a hectic work day, an uninterrupted 15-minute conversation is hard to come by for a man with two jobs. For the Immaculata P.E. teacher, head varsity football coach and, as of this summer, athletic director for both the high school and Xavier Catholic School, it’s nearly impossible.

“You could say it’s been a little hectic,” Sachen said. “But it’s always like this at the beginning of a new school year and throw in the fact that I’m trying to transition from one man’s system to my own... I’ll just put it that my desk isn’t clean.”

It’s been a couple months now since Sachen took over for former AD John Phillips, who was not retained due to budget decisions. After serving seven years as Xavier’s athletic director, the school system’s board promoted Sachen to a new role, the Leavenworth Regional Catholic School athletic director, which oversees both schools.

Needless to say, the new role has brought on a smorgasbord of responsibilities and challenges for the coach, but nothing he believes he can’t handle.

“I haven’t coached basketball for a few years and I gave up coaching track at the middle school.” Sachen said. “Plus, I’ll be teaching three classes with coach (Mike) Connelly teaching two, so that will be a positive to have both of us in the school everyday. It’s a big help.”

In fact, the support system runs deeper than that according to Sachen.

“I’m going to have a lot of support from both Helen Schwinn, the high school principal, and Karen Davis, the middle school principal, as far as supervision or anything else really,” he said. “They have already been beyond supportive and said they would help me out in case I got in a jam.”

Imac’s jack-of-all-trades, so to speak, didn’t stop there. He went on to list former Imac athletic director Pat Moran as another helpful mentor he has and will lean on.

In regards to how the transition has fared so far, Sachen believes that the process — although busy — has gone smooth. The AD hasn’t tried to change too much, instead relying on his current coaches to give him direction in what they want, how they like to do things and so forth.

In the future, the leader hopes to strength the leaner department into a well-oiled machine. He also would like to bring back a few traditions, including the Raider Classic basketball tournament, to rejuvenate the school’s and community’s relationship.

First things first though — he needs to get through this upcoming fall season and that means returning some missed phone calls.

“I didn’t want to come in here with my hair on fire and try to change the world in one day,” Sachen said. “But I do look forward to this challenge and doing my part for Immaculata sports.”