We now have an official league champion in the adult men’s softball division III.

Wouldn’t you know it that week No. 13 would start with the threat of terrible hurricanes. Oh well, on with our musings.

Unfortunately, our First City Home Run Derby was rained out.  I plan on offering the opportunity again during the coed softball season.

We now have an official league champion in the adult men’s softball division III.  Twisted Softball, coached by Sammy Lough, finished with a 10-2 record. Stepp Painting, The Fighting Mongooses, and Thompson’s Masonry all finished 8-4 to tie for second place — what an exciting season.

In the adult men’s softball division I, we still have three nights of play remaining.  All Slabbed Up, 8-2, Butler Mufflers, 7-3, and Oak Leaf Pub Hitmen, 6-3, are battling it out for the division title. This division championship will come down to the final night of play as all three of these teams will be playing each other over the course of the remainder of the season. Go get ‘em guys.

Adult coed softball is now in full swing. I have heard that several teams are in fall training in preparation for the upcoming season.  

Rumors are floating in that we even have some preseason exhibition games being played. We are looking forward to the season.

I am currently working on the development of the Turkey Fest Coed Softball Tournament to be held the weekend of Nov. 2-3. Only eight teams will be accepted for this tournament.

I am very excited to the response I have received as I have searched for individuals to enter the sports official fraternity. We will be entering our coed season with four new umpires.

My one disappointment is that I was unable to attract a female to join the ranks. Just so all you know, I have not given up on that concept. Next spring is not that far away and our young girls need role models to help them understand that they can umpire as good as the men.

Not to be outdone, our adult coed kickball league has grown to five teams for the fall. This is going to be an interesting endeavor for me — what childhood memories come flowing back to me.

These games will begin on Friday nights at Hawthorn Park – field No. 2 with the first game being played at 6 p.m. Needing some excitement — come on out and watch — I hear it is a real hoot.

Remember the goal for all of our programs is that the program policies and procedures are fair for the masses and fun and safe for everyone. Until next week, enjoy your season.