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Sept. 13, 2012 12:01 a.m.

When I photograph adoptable pets, my goal is to capture their personalities and accurately show their appearance so those who see the images might go to the shelter to adopt them or even recognize the pets and help them get back home.
When conducting photo sessions with stray or relinquished pets, my goal is to photograph 1.) a nice portrait for their Petfinder profile and to run in local newspapers, as well as 2.) another view, perhaps a photo of them playing or a shot that shows their size or unique markings.
Sometimes the “outtakes” from these photo sessions — the images that might end up in the trash because an animal might be out of focus, barking, yawning or blinking — are rather entertaining.
Below are a few DOG OUTTAKES from photo sessions over the years photographing strays at the Fort Leavenworth Veterinary Treatment (Stray) Facility.
LINK to the pets' Petfinder profiles to see their other photos by clicking on the images. (Note: Many of the pets featured here have already been adopted; please check with your local shelters for currently adoptable pets.) Enjoy!
Look for MORE outtakes of other pets in upcoming Pet Post installments.
-- Prudence Siebert, pet photographer

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