Mr. Mason's letter on Sept. 1, "Conservatives ready to riot," is an example of more progressive hypocrisy.

To the editor:
Mr. Mason's letter on Sept. 1, "Conservatives ready to riot," is an example of more progressive hypocrisy. Mr Mason has expressed his anti-gun views in the past, claiming we citizens shouldn't be allowed to own firearms. Yet, he ends his letter with these words, "Quick where can I buy a cheap assault rifle and lots of ammo to guard against the conservative rioters."

Hypocrisy is the state of promoting or administering virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have or is guilty of violating.

First of all, unlike Mr. Mason, I have a lot more faith in my fellow citizens of Leavenworth, as well as all citizens of Kansas for that matter. I also have better faith in our local police and sheriff departments than that of Mr. Mason. Obviously, Mr. Mason feels that it's the position of law enforcement to stand AGAINST the citizens and not WITH the citizens in a time of unrest. I do not share his opinion, nor do many other citizens to which I have spoken.

Second, his hypocrisy shows just how far his progressive leaning comments and opinions really are. However, this is nothing new coming from the liberal, Democratic party. One has only to look at the DNC convention to see how obvious their hypocrisy has become. The Democrats claim voter ID is a bad idea and yet the DNC requires a photo ID to enter the building. The Democrats claim the Republicans are the "violent" types. Yet, it's their supporters who were arrested outside the RNC for stashing weapons like pipes, crow bars and eggs filled with acid. In fact, there was one guy arrested just outside the convention hall with a machete strapped to his thigh.

The Democrats claim it's the Republicans who have a "war against women." (Why? Because they expect women to pay for their own birth control?) Yet, Obama and his administration keep giving billions of our tax dollars to the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. All one has to do is take a look at the way Islam treats women to understand the hypocrisy of this claim. It is not the Republican party who endorses the ideology of: marrying off females as young as 9 years old, beating women for just about any reason, gang raping non-Muslim females, stoning women and gays to death, not allowing women to vote, go to school, work, drive or leave the house alone etc.... In the eyes of most people, it is Islam that is waging the real war against women, not the Republican party. On top of all this, the Democratic party also has refused a cardinal's request to perform a Catholic prayer service to open the DNC, however, they did allowed a "Jumah" (muslim prayer service) to be performed before the DNC convention.

Finally, I would like to add, the only "rioting" the conservatives will be doing, is on Nov. 6 at the voting booths. We understand which party is really guilty of being violent, of bowing down to Islam, of suppressing women and minorities.

We know which party wants higher taxes and less personal freedoms. We know who is who, and we will be voting for the conservative candidates.