The anxious bride-to-be, with four months until the big day, is beginning to get unreasonable.

The anxious bride-to-be, with four months until the big day, is beginning to get unreasonable. I don't believe in monsters, but I do think there may be such things as bridezillas. Instead of outfitting the family with wedding attire, I'm beginning to think we're going to need combat boots.

My emotions are mixed when I think about my youngest daughter getting married.

On one hand, it makes me sad that I will truly become an empty nester, yet on the other hand, I'm giddy that I'm going to be handing over her mood swings to someone else.

Thanks to the internet, full of bridal do's and don'ts, we're on a timeline that, under no circumstances can be altered. We picked out the wedding gown at the precise time the internet goddess said and we've put down the appropriate deposits, at the appropriate time for the appropriate vendors. Just when I thought everything was under control, a crisis erupted.

My little princess called today, nearly hysterical, because the date I told her I was sending out shower invites would arrive before the wedding invitations.

She nearly screamed that this was utterly unacceptable. After a few minutes of a tense conversation I gave her two options. Move the date of the wedding or send out the invites two weeks ahead instead of two months.

The bottom line – I won't move the date of the shower (yes, I am a retired bridezella).

These mini meltdowns seem to always take place while I'm at work and I'm so busy I can barely find time for a potty break. Trying to tell her that I'm overwhelmed at work, when she's on a bridal mission, doesn't accomplish anything, so I just hoped the invite dilemma would simmer down.
Maybe she would realize that the internet goddess doesn't know as much as her own mother.

I tried to change the subject and reminded her that we were sending out "save the date" postcards this weekend. By the way, I bet the post office thought up this new trend just to make some extra revenue on postage since I can't see the benefit of sending out two sets of invites.

Apparently it was the right thing to say because she had forgotten about the save the date postcards which would override the rule of sending out the shower invite before the formal invite.

If everyone and their brother doesn't know about this wedding after these many invites, I'm pretty sure they never will.

At her request I typed out a timeline of who, what, where and when bridal planning would be taking place. Even though most of it doesn't include her fiancé, I thought I should include him on the e-mail blast as well.

Apparently he decided to make a run for it and headed for the hills to do some hunting.
I'm not sure what he's shooting – let's just hope he's not hunting bridezillas.

Sandy Turner lives in the Kansas City area and writes this column for GateHouse Media.