The weekly musings are back and better than ever...

Our Applebee's kickball league got off to a roaring start, as in the spectators were roaring over the on-field antics that were on display at Hawthorn Park last Friday. Ball Busters and Sacks and Racks got the initial wins of the season.
A.J. Todd (Kickelah Light) broke out a new style of kicking boots and Danielle Heuer (Citizens Savings) followed the kickball rules and code of conduct by first raising her hand when requesting a ruling by the field supervisor. I believe fun was had by all. I know that I enjoyed it immensely.

Our first week of adult coed softball got underway with division I opening on Monday and Wednesday. Division II will be playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last Thursday was rained out and the games were moved to Oct. 23. All of our coed games will be played at Cody Park. Division I will play two games per night and division II will feature four per night. All games will begin at 6 p.m.

Reminder — the sign-up deadline for adult men's volleyball and adult women's volleyball is Monday at 5 p.m.

I am going to take a little time here to share some thoughts about the power of our recreation and sports department. Many of us have heard the old adage that "It takes a village to raise a child." I am going to use my life as an example.
This is not about Tabor Medill — it is about the impact the people of Leavenworth had in raising a child. It is about not realizing the powerful impact each of us have in the growth and maturation of our local children.
My grandfather, George Tabor Medill Sr., and George Tabor Medill Jr., my father, graduated from Leavenworth High School. I myself graduated from Immaculata High School while my son, George Tabor Medill IV, graduated from Leavenworth High School and my grandson, George Tabor Medill V, is attending school in the Leavenworth school system.
My maternal grandparents, Merrill and Lorraine Steele Sr., owned Steele's Sewing Center in downtown Leavenworth for over 50 years. So, I am extremely grounded in our local community. I have had the great fortune and opportunity to observe and experience how a village raises a child. This is an extremely powerful influence.
Bob Hurla, Bob's Barbershop, provided me with my first job as a shoe-shine boy when I was in the seventh grade. Ralph Dix Sr. allowed me to have an open charge account to buy my school supplies — an account that remained open until the day Ralph "Sonny" Dix Jr. closed the Dix and Son Office Supply business almost 45 years later. Henry Martens Sr. sold me my first car and assisted me in securing my first car loan — my daughter bought her first car from his son Jeff Martens. The list goes on and on.
Growing up in athletics, Ken Kenny was my first coach in baseball, football and basketball. When I was old enough to play school sports, Al Bodde coached me at Sacred Heart Elementary. Then, in High School, I had coaches such as Larry Widlowski, Pat Moran, Pat Lonergan, Tom McEvoy and several others.
The Towne Pub, Corner Pharmacy and Nu-Way have been staples in my life for 60 years.
All along the way, I came into contact with tremendously influential adults and constant support of the local businesses.
Someone was always there to teach me a life lesson. I learned about self-respect, about respecting others, about integrity, about work ethic, about honesty, about teamwork, about self-esteem, about responsibility.
Today, I am the person these and many more molded me into. I have been blessed to have so many adult figures in my life and so many businesses that supported local activities to make it possible for me to experience all the various activities available in our wonderful community.
We have a plethora of opportunities to offer the children of today in Leavenworth. It is our responsibility to raise today's youth in our village. We can teach so many life skills through recreation and sports that the list is endless.
Sports do not have to only be about winning and losing — we have the opportunity to teach kids about winning in life. In order to accomplish this, it will take the entire village to raise our children.

Remember, the goal for all of our programs is that the policies and procedures are fair for the masses and fun and safe for everyone.