The Lansing Lions football team is still looking for their first win after the Basehor-Linwood Bobcats came to town and defeated the Lions 44-20 Friday.
The Bobcats jumped out to a fast start that accumulated into a 14-0 lead after the first quarter. That is when Lansing showed some life.
Coach Bill Pekarek made a change at quarterback by bringing in Krystain Abbott, and his team responded as the Lions started moving the ball through the air.
"We are just looking for something to work," Pekarek said. "We are looking for any play that will get us at least three and a half yards."
After two long receptions to Lucas Mein, Lansing's first scoring drive was finished off with a five-yard touchdown pass from Abbott to Khalil Bailey in the second quarter. Despite the score, the Lions could not stop the Bobcats from driving down the field and scoring their third touchdown the following possession.
Still, Lansing answered back with another surge from its passing attack. Abbott found receivers, which allowed Mein to carry the ball the final five yards. Following a Brad Brown point after kick, his second, the score came to 22-14 minutes before half.
However, the Bobcats executed a quality two-minute minute offense, and with just 30 seconds left Drew Potter bulldozed in a two-yard run. A converted two-point conversion later and the score was 30-14 at the half. The drive took the wind out of the Lions' sails.
Basehor added another TD in the third and early fourth before late in the game, Abbott hit Thad Marshall for a 14-yard TD. In the end though, it wasn't nearly enough.
"He (Abbott) came in at the end of the game against Turner and he did alright," Pekarek said. "But we are just struggling to move the ball right now, we are making too many turnovers and not playing well defensively."
The Lions, 0-4, will try again for their first win Friday when they host Piper for its 2012 homecoming game.