When I was a young boy, I had several neighborhood friends. One day I was asked by one of my friends "Who is your best friend?"

Charlie Raney

To the editor:
When I was a young boy, I had several neighborhood friends. One day I was asked by one of my friends "Who is your best friend?" (Remember, we were just kids). When the name I gave wasn't his, he went around the neighborhood telling the other kids that I hated him. This accusation obviously wasn't true. However, I now fear this "friend" may have grown to become a liberal, and I'll explain my reasoning.

You see, I thought this childish tactic would cease when immature kids grew into mature adults. However, this theory has not held true. In fact, in many cases, it has gotten worse.

As most of you readers know, I do not shy away from a spirited debate. However, in today's world, having a discussion with someone who doesn't see things eye to eye has become a nightmare. I was taught to debate by making a point and give the other person a chance to counter that point, and to stay on topic (like playing catch). However, today's debating tactics are different and very negative.

Imagine, you are asked to pick your favorite color. You pick green and then are accused of hating all the other colors. Imagine having a favorite sports figure, then being accused of hating all the other players. People, just because someone favors one thing, person, group or harbors one belief, does not mean they hate the others. This tactic is used so much by the progressives/liberals that it has become boring, expected and sad.

Those of us who believe in traditional marriage do not hate homosexuals and are not homophobic. Those of us who see the need to make cuts in our education system are immediately tagged as a hater of children and/or heartless, when nothing could be further from the truth. (Kansas spends 66 percent of our funds on education. There are cuts that can be made without affecting the children in a negative manner). Those of us who feel the need to revamp the welfare system to stop all the fraud, are accused of hating the poor, when again, nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who understand the need to secure our borders are accused of hating immigrants. Not true. We understand the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien. Those of us who agree that women should have the right to contraceptives, but feel the taxpayers shouldn't be asked to pay for them are called sexist and "waging a war against women," again, not true.

This liberal tactic can be witnessed from as high up as the White House, all the way down to our fellow citizens of whom we see from day to day. This same tactic is even exercised by the mainstream media. ...In an effort to gain ratings, to influence your vote and to sensationalize their stories, they taint their reporting to fit their own opinions and beliefs.

I enjoy a good, spirited debate. Who I am, is a man who believes in faith, family, firearms and freedoms. What I am NOT is a hater, a racist, homophobic nor am I a misogynist.