Studies show that family engagement in schools positively impacts student achievement.

Studies show that family engagement in schools positively impacts student achievement. Schools and families working together demonstrate a shared commitment to education.

Family engagement activities vary a bit between elementary, middle school, and high school levels, offering different ways and opportunities for parents and guardians to be involved during their child's schooling. One constant throughout K-12 is the traditional offering of a Parent/Teacher Conference. Scheduled conferences, especially held early in the school year, can help to strengthen the home-school connection and effectively support student success.
Next week, Leavenworth USD 453 families will have the chance to meet with their child's teachers on Wednesday, Oct. 3, and Thursday Oct. 4. The Fall Parent/Teacher Conference schedule is as follows:

Warren Middle School and Leavenworth High SchoolWednesday, Oct. 3, 4 – 8 p.m.Thursday, Oct. 4, 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.; noon – 5 p.m.All Elementary Schools and West IntermediateWednesday, Oct. 3, 5 – 9 p.m.Thursday, Oct. 4, 9 – 11 a.m.; noon – 5 p.m.
No school for students on Thursday, Oct. 4, or Friday, Oct. 5.
School families are encouraged to have an open and honest dialogue with their child's teachers; ask questions to gain a better understanding of classroom expectations, share information about their student's personality and learning style, and explore ways to support academic growth outside of the school day. Conferences can also help to connect families to multiple ways they can be more involved with their child's school. Service to a parent-teacher organization, learning about upcoming school functions, updating contact information, and signing-up to be a volunteer are just a few of the ways that families can be actively involved while also directly supporting their child's school.

But even more important than attending the next PTO meeting, or bringing the family to a Pioneer game, is making a connection with the dedicated staff members committed to high levels of learning for all students. The Leavenworth School District welcomes each of our families to attend their child's parent-teacher conference next week, and looks forward to strengthening the partnership between home and the classroom.

Pioneer Pride is submitted by the Leavenworth School District.