Another week has gone by as we “muse” right along...

I want to begin by introducing the newest member of our staff. Morgan Conrad joins our team as an intern from the University of St. Mary.
Morgan, a graduate of Piper High School, is majoring in Sports Management and Marketing. She will be with us during the 2012 fall semester. Her primary responsibilities will be working closely with our adult volleyball leagues, as well as the Applebee’s adult coed kickball league.
We are very lucky and excited to have her join our team. Her strongest point is that she actually types with more than two fingers so I personally am very excited to have her join us. Welcome aboard Morgan.

This past week included the highlight of my brief tenure in this current position as well as the lowlight.
Unfortunately, I did not get to share in the highlight as I was in Sabetha conducting a high school football officials area meeting.
Last Monday, Sept. 17, Stepp Painting and Criminal Justice engaged in an epic battle of undefeated teams in our adult coed softball division I. In the bottom of the 10th inning, Victor Raye scored the winning run on a hit by Ashley Kane as Stepp Painting pulled out a 12-11 victory. Can you believe that it was one of the few nights I have missed? What a bummer.
On the other hand, and unfortunately, I shared 100 percent in the lowlight of my tenure last Wednesday, Sept. 19. This old man had to step in and umpire the division I game that evening. I cannot even remember the last time I umpired slow pitch softball.  All that I can say is thank you to both the Cyclones and Heartland Anesthetics for being so kind and understanding.

I was able to observe two of our kickball teams indulging in some post-game revelry at Applebee’s, the corporate sponsor of our adult kickball league last Friday. I could not tell if they were having more fun partying or playing that evening.

Registration just closed for our adult women’s and coed volleyball leagues. It appears that we will have seven women’s teams and five coed teams. This represents an increase of two from last season.
We will be conducting our mandatory coaches meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the south wing of the Riverfront Community Center. Our season will begin the week of Oct. 8. The coed league will play on Tuesdays and the women’s league will play on Thursdays.  Everyone will play 10 games with games starting at 6 p.m.

We are nearing D-day for the dreaded “Wilderness Adventure Challenge”, which is less than two weeks away. As I previously bemoaned, I have walked a small portion, gatored another small portion and totally ignored the other major portion of the Haven’s Wooded 5K Trail run.
The folks I have spoken with have talked about how much fun and how challenging the course is. So, all of you runners out there — get signed up! You can either come to the Riverfront Community Center or go to to register.  Early registration lasts until Wednesday at 8 p.m. and is only $30.

Those of you who want to join me in the fun of watching our adventurous runners for the Haven’s Wooded 5K Trail run, we need a bunch of volunteers. Anyone who can volunteer to help I would truly appreciate it.
We want to ensure this event is not only a benefit for runners, but also a benefit to our community and businesses. We can do this by making it one of the most enjoyable experiences a person visiting our community can have. We need help to accomplish this so if you can volunteer a couple of hours, please contact me ASAP at 913-651-2204 or by e-mail

We are also gearing up for our basketball seasons. Registration for both adult and youth basketball will run from Monday to Nov. 4. In our youth leagues, we will have bitty basketball (3-5 year olds not in the first grade), first/second grade (coed), third/fourth grade (boys and girls separated) and fifth/sixth grade (boys and girls separated). Late registrations will not be accepted.

Quote of the week — Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything — it is the only thing.”  For so many years I observed coach Lombardi’s philosophy trickle down from his true meaning on down through the youth ranks.
I became very distressed with the impact it was having on our youth. Coach Lombardi made his statement in a discussion of professional athletics — his intent was not to pour over into youth sports. As an athletic nation, I sadly watched as the true impact of youth sports deteriorated into a win at all cost philosophy in our nation’s youth sports programs.
I am so proud of what I observed with our coaches this past summer. I saw children having fun. I observed the importance of sportsmanship being stressed over victory. I cannot express how proud I am of our coaches.
In our adult leagues, it is important to remember that we are conducting leagues for recreation. I have been so excited watching the coed softball leagues and seeing individuals enjoying their evening of recreation. I hope our leagues can be fun for all.