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  • Letter: No recovery with this president

  • Thinking we're in an economic recovery is ignoring facts. As an old business management and econ grad I can tell you we're not.
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  • To the editor:
    Thinking we're in an economic recovery is ignoring facts. As an old business management and econ grad I can tell you we're not.
    Obama promised to fix our economy but has made things far worse. Thinking Obama and his Mao/Lenin worshipping pals will fix a capitalist economy is like trusting the coyotes to strengthen the chicken coop fence, or believing if the Titanic had taken a second fast run at the iceberg the ship miraculously would have been more safe and luxurious – pure stupidity. Obama and his pals aren't the solution, they're the problem.
    A recent poll by the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Federation of Independent Business shows that 69 percent of them proclaim Obama policies have hurt American businessess and they wouldn't initiate a new business venture in the Obama economic environment. Those are the people who start new businessess and create jobs, a horrible indicator for our country.
    The survey showed small business owners and manufacturers believe federal regulations, taxes, governmental spending, rising costs of health insurance, and expensive energy are the main causes of our dead- end economy. All things aggravated by Obama and his Marxist pals.
    Some who had supplied employees health insurance stated Obamacare has made that impossible. Some companies will simply pay a federal penalty not to do that and have a competitive advantage. Obamacare is killing health coverage for many people.
    Democrats have so demonized business and economic activity our entire economic environment is toxic. No one will invest in business ventures they fear Obama and his pals will nationalize and rob.
    Obama and Bernanke can feverishly print new money out of thin air, as they've been doing, and it won't cure anything except the good value of our dollar. If the American people don't vote to remedy the real problem in November our economy will totally falter soon. Our CBO and OMB reports read like horror stories, as do the dire warnings from their directors, all ignored by vote-buying Democrats.
    We either vote to remove the problem in our economic environment or watch things go from horrible to cataclysmic. Vote smart, or prepare to see widespread poverty and misery on a scale you've never before witnessed.
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