I got some awesome musings this week. Let’s start.
I am very excited to announce that the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department will be launching a new youth summer baseball league in 2013.
The Geiger Ready-Mix Showcase league will be for competitive baseball programs for ages 14-16. The league will operate under the National Federation High School baseball rules.
The Geiger family has been involved since the 1950’s in sponsoring various baseball and softball teams in the Leavenworth community. We are extremely proud to partner with Geiger Ready-Mix to launch a highly competitive baseball league in Leavenworth.
We anticipate only accepting ten teams into the league for the first season.  This will bring families into our community on a daily basis who we believe will shop in our community. These individuals, otherwise, may never have come into Leavenworth.
We will aim to reflect the “Geiger Way” as we approach the development of the league — In every endeavor, we will add value to the lives of our participants:  players, coaches and families in a positive and professional manner.
Last Friday was a very exciting evening of Applebee’s adult coed kickball. Kickalob Ultra defeated Citizens Savings and Loan 20-14. Then Ball Busters defeated Sacks and Racks 5-4.  Kickalob Ultra kicked the ball so hard they burst it prior to game time. After three weeks, we are already without an undefeated team.
In regards to softball, at this time we are involved in discussions with an individual about the possibilities of conducting fast-pitch pitching clinics in Leavenworth for our girls. Keep an eye out in the musings for any future announcements.
I am getting pumped up. Our volleyball coaches are meeting this week, which means our season will be starting next week.
This old man is still needing volunteers to assist with the Haven’s Wooded 5K Trail run this Saturday. Volunteers even get a free T-shirt.
Please call me at 913-651-2203 or e-mail tmedill@firstcity.org.