The Romney/Obama debate was an eye-opener.

To the editor:
The Romney/Obama debate was an eye-opener. Where was the elequent orator the Democrats told us Obama was? Where was the financial and foreign policy expert they claimed he is? Why did he look like a deer in the headlights all evening?

Without a teleprompter, or the media to cover for him, at last the American people got to see the real Obama. The one who is a stumbling, bumbling, know-nothing. That debate wasn't only a slaughter of monumental proportions, it was enough to scare a person to death thinking that guy has been sitting in the Oval Office for more than three years, and yet was so totally out of touch with the facts.

Why didn't the Democrats run someone else, knowing how terribly unpopular and out of touch this guy is? They evidently thinks it's absurdly important to shove this uninformed, incompetent down our throats again, instead of running someone even remotely competent to hold that office.

And when I think that his backup is the ever-comatose Biden, that scares me to death.

I can't wait to see Biden debate Ryan, an acknowledged expert on governmental finances. It should be an even worse catastrophe. I'm just glad the American people are finally seeing what many of us knew long ago, Obama and Biden are totally unsuited for such high offices, are dangerous to our country, and yet the Democrats won't make any change. That speaks volumes about their complete lack of respect for those vitally important offices.

Let's not have any repeat of the hideous mistake of 2008. Let's put people in those offices who actually have true leadership abilities, managerial knowledge, and experience. We owe it to our country and our future generations.