I want to thank Sidney Brown for his letter to the editor attacking my views as a proud pro-choice moderate republican.

To the editor:
I want to thank Sidney Brown for his letter to the editor attacking my views as a proud pro-choice moderate republican.
As I remember it, he was the Steve Fitzgerald supporter that walked clear across the room at a recent political forum, got in my face, and loudly told me that I was a disgrace to the Republican Party and that I should get out of the party now. My reply to Sidney's silly remarks was that he didn't own the Republican Party and that I, as well as other moderates, plan on staying in the party no matter how hard local conservatives try to force us out. Just for the record, and to ease Sidney's mind, I have made fairly substantial donations to moderate republican candidates during the primary elections.

Now that I have set the record straight, I want to address the upcoming general election. To be specific, I want to zero in on our local far right fringe candidates for the Kansas House and Senate. If you would ask me as well as many other moderate Republicans in our community, we think the real disgrace lies with candidates Steve Fitzgerald, Jana Goodman, and John Bradford. They don't represent the party of Lincoln without a doubt.

These candidates are ringleaders in the shift to radicalism of our local Republican Party. I would ask traditional moderate Republicans to just think back only a few years ago when honorable, sensible, and inclusive gentlemen and ladies steered the direction of our party. You remember John, Marguerite, Clyde, and Joel don't you? They displayed class. Now we have people running for office that are far right big government social engineers, incompetents, crack pots, and frauds running the show.
So how do I back up my unflattering claims? Let me list a few examples. Let's start with Kansas House candidate John Bradford. Until very recently he was our party chairman. He is the one that formed what he calls town hall meetings. The few town hall meetings that I attended consisted mostly of the same entrenched motley crew of odd balls and malcontents that entertained each other by lobbing insults and trash talk toward the moderates in our party. People just like Sidney.

You see, we moderates are considered heretics to the Republican Party in their eyes because we refuse to dance to their squirrely far-right tune, a tune that former chairman Bradford was directing during his so called town hall meetings. Of course this isn't surprising coming from someone that was quoted saying that most voters should not vote because they are stupid, uneducated, and don't own property. If that isn't enough, how about this quote as Bradford posed with a photo of himself holding an assault weapon with a high capacity clip, "Just let them try and take this away from me." It makes you wonder if this guy is playing with a full deck.
Next, I want to mention an apparently incompetent house candidate by the name of Jana Goodman. She is the one that sold us down the river by lumping us into the western Kansas 1st congressional district during the redistricting process. When confronted for her betrayal, she let loose one of those goofy laughs and replied, "I was told to vote that way by the conservative leadership in the house." Added to this, readers have not forgotten Goodman's repeated incompetence by not bothering to read certain legislation that she was voting on which created goof-ups that she refused to take responsibility for. It was always someone else's fault.

Finally, we have the Todd Akin clone Steve Fitzgerald, taking yet another run to be our state senator. Some folks might refer to Steve as a South Park's Eric Cartman incarnate because he doesn't like people questioning his "athoriti," especially when he is challenged for fudging on the facts as he tries to project his public image. If you would read his election website, you will find some interesting catch phrases. "The people want straight talk." "Kansans do not want and should not have government at any level interfering in their lives", except of course if Fitzgerald approves of it.

Folks, these words are laughable coming from an in-your-face anti-abortion protester with an East Coast accent. If he really gave you straight talk, he would admit that his primary reason for wanting to be a senator is so that he can legislate anti-abortion and anti-birth control restrictions on the women of Kansas. If Fitzgerald wanted to give us, straight talk he would tell us, his income comes from government checks.

Straight talk means that he wouldn't call himself a businessman in order to pump up his image. Actually, the truth is that he is a failed businessman that never realized a significant legitimate profit. He lacks likability. He lacks humility and empathy. He comes across as a pompous, mean-spirited old man with a sense of entitlement. These qualities don't make for a successful businessman as well as a successful candidate asking for our vote to be a senator.

Finally, I would like to conclude my letter by letting all of my fellow moderate Republicans know that we are at a crossroad. Shall we capitulate to the radicals in our local party structure that want to drive us out? Shall we be enablers to empower these local odd balls to legislate control over our lives? We moderate Republicans are not stupid people. We know we have a choice to make in the privacy of the voting booth. If the radicals in our local party structure don't respect us and our vote, fine. Most of us will find their opponent to be an acceptable alternative. We should deliver our vote to them.

Moderates, it's time to jerk our local party back to the center and then start over in the next election cycle.