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  • Frugal Family: Good planning can help you save $$$ on children's clothes

  • I do not have to tell you that raising children can be expensive. I find one of the most expensive things about raising children is clothing them.
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  • I do not have to tell you that raising children can be expensive. I find one of the most expensive things about raising children is clothing them.
    It seems as soon as I purchase a piece of clothing for my child, they have outgrown the item. However, parents should not be discouraged. There are several ways you can cut costs in clothing your children.
    One of the best ways to save money is to never turn down hand-me-downs. I have a family member who frequently passes down clothing to my youngest child. Even if I cannot use them, I do not turn them down. The items that I cannot use, I pay forward to another friend.
    Another way I have learned to save money is by purchasing used clothing. I am a big shopper of consignment sales and stores and garage sales. It is not always an easy task, but if you are diligent in your search, you can find designer labels for a fraction of the cost.
    For example, I was able to purchase 13 pairs of summer shorts that looked brand new for $5 by being a diligent shopper.
    However, one of my favorite places to find used items is eBay. I typically find used designer clothing for drastically reduced prices. However, not all the items I have purchased on eBay are used. I recently purchased a brand new designer winter coat for under $10 and snow boots for a fraction of what they cost in stores.
    There is a key to buying clothing when bidding on eBay. I typically start looking for items during the off-season. By looking for clothing items during the off-season, you typically do not get into a bidding war with other shoppers. For example, my son's school has a character dress-up day every year. I planned ahead.
    In June, I began looking for a costume and purchased a Thomas the Tank Engine costume from eBay for under $1. The costume looked brand new and my son was totally in love.
    For those who are not interested in purchasing used clothing items, planning is still the key to saving money when looking for new clothing. Typically major stores have semi-annual sales every year. You can find out when these sales are by simply asking an employee.
    I also find great sales at the end of a season. If you are able to plan ahead and know what size your child will be during a season, it will pay off. By planning ahead, I was able to purchase brand new winter pajamas for one child for $2 a pair, purchased a snow suit for this winter for $6 and recently purchased summer shirts for next summer from a designer store for $4 or less.
    If you are not afraid to do a little hunting and planning you can truly have your children looking like a million bucks, but paying mere pennies.
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