In about two weeks, the city of Leavenworth again will be offering its free leaf pick-up service.

In about two weeks, the city of Leavenworth again will be offering its free leaf pick-up service.

The municipal government provides the service to one half of the city each year, alternating the location from year to year. This year, crews will be working in the southern half of Leavenworth.

Two crews will begin the work Nov. 5, starting at Eisenhower Road and working their way north to Spruce Street. Bob Patzwald, deputy public works director, said one crew will be working west of 10th Avenue and the other on the east side of the 10th Avenue.

The program will run through December as long as weather permits. Only two passes through the southern half of the city are planned at this time.

Patzwald said the municipal government focuses only on one half of the city each year because of limited equipment and manpower.

People who live between Eisenhower Road and Spruce Street should rake the leaves in their yards to the curb line so the leaves can be collected by the city crews.

“We ask them to not put (the leaves) out in the street,” Patzwald said.
He said the leaves should be raked as close to the street as possible without covering sidewalks.

He asked that residents not block mailboxes with piles of leaves. And he recommended keeping the piles away from parked vehicles.

“If they’re behind the car, we can’t get to them,” he said.

He also asked that the piles of leaves left for collection be free of branches.

Leaves will not be collected if they are placed in plastic bags or boxes.
Residents choosing to bag their leaves need to have the bags on the curb no more than 24 hours before their scheduled refuse pick-up day. The bags of leaves then will be picked up with their trash.

The city’s website,, and the government access Channel 2 will be used to publicize where the crews are working and where they will be during the upcoming and current week. 

Residents who live north of Spruce Street still can bag leaves to be collected by the city’s refuse service. They also can take leaves to the city’s brush disposal site, which will compost the leaves.