Lansing, a city with a future! Build or don't build?

To the editor:
Lansing, a city with a future! Build or don't build? Up until the 1960s, Lansing only had a two-lane road going through town. When Lansing decided to put in a 4-lane highway in 1968 many people opposed it. It meant Lansing was going to lose the old downtown. The people who voted to build had a vision; the 4-lane was built. It is the busiest north/south highway in the state. They made the choice to build. Can you imagine if it was still a two-lane? Sometimes it is hard to change something that you have become accustomed to.

The first high school building (Lansing Park and Rec Activity Center on 2nd St.) and the first grade school-specific building (Zinser Apartments at the corner of K-7 and Kansas) were both built in 1928. A group of citizens concerned about their children's education went to Topeka and requested state aid. hey were able to build both schools with running water, something very rare in 1928. At the time there were only 64 students in the high school. Those people had a vision. They chose to build.

In 1964, the people of Lansing knew it was time to take action again.The student body had grown four-fold. The next high school was built. It had a high school population of 252 students. Those people had a vision. They decided to build.

Twenty four years later in 1988, the current high school was built with a population of 510. The good, hardworking people of Lansing once again rose to the occasion and made a decision to build. Those people had a vision and it benefited OUR children. They decided to build.

Twenty-four years later, our current population has grown to 880 students. There are even more students per grade in the middle and elementary schools who will be in high school soon. We, the current good, hardworking people of Lansing have a decision in front of us. Build? Or don't build? Wouldn't it be great if in 20 years, when people look back at 2012, they say "THOSE PEOPLE HAD A VISION and it benefited our children? They decided to build!" Vote YES for kids and community. Schools are a SMART investment for our city with a future. Vote to BUILD!