What keeps these politicians who lie from being sued for libel?

To the editor:
What keeps these politicians who lie from being sued for libel? Instead the lies are called Pinocchios. I have received at least two mailers full of them from Kelly Kultala Democratic 5th District state senate candidate.

In her Oct. 23 mailer she mean mouths both the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and her Republican challenger Steve Fitzgerald by printing seven absolutely false and disgusting statements about Steve. Here are just two outrageous examples - she says he "supports hiring illegal immigrants" and "unlimited wage withholding from your paycheck."

I will vote for Fitzgerald because he is always very clear about where he stands on issues and he speaks like a statesman who promotes Kansas values; and this scares her.

In an early October mailer Kultala said that as state senator she created jobs by helping bring the Sporting Kansas City soccer stadium and the Cerner office building to 5th District. But these two entities were the result of Star Bonds legislation signed by Republican Gov. Bill Graves in February 1998. The agreements were between the Wyandotte Unified Government with KC Sporting and with Cerner. So Kultala had nothing to do with either of these because she wasn't in the legislature in 1998 and she wasn't on the board of county commissioners!

Voters can learn a lot by comparing the Democratic and Republican Party platforms because they guide policy for the parties and therefore for the candidates.
http://www.gop.com/wpcontent/uploads/2012/08 /2012GOPPlatform.pdf