Name:  Sean Murphy
Coaching position: Head boys’ basketball coach at Pleasant Ridge     
Years as coach: 20 years

Why did you get into coaching? I wanted to stay close to the game and I’ve always been taught that one should give back to the next generation.
Participating in basketball has allowed me to interact with the finest of people and helped me become the person and coach I am today.

What are your best memories of coaching so far? Building relationships throughout the years with players and throughout the coaching community is by far the best part of coaching.
Of course, having success and being part of some very successful teams makes coaching the most fun. But, my all-time best memory is sort of a tie due to my experiences at multiple schools.
Going to the state tournament for the first time as a coach with Dodge City in 1998, finishing second in the state in 2007 with Leavenworth were both just as exciting as winning my first game as a varsity head coach last year versus Wellsville for Pleasant Ridge.

What advice do you have for future coaches? It’s not always about winning. It’s about making people better. Simply stated that means it’s about developing kids to reach their potential on the court and by teaching life skills or by helping out in the community.
Lastly, coaches need to be reflective and patient. Once you develop your philosophy stick to it and do what you know are the right things to do for the good of everyone involved in the program regardless of what the critics say.