The governor has most likely taken an oath to uphold the laws of the state.

To the editor:
The governor has most likely taken an oath to uphold the laws of the state. Meaning he cannot decide against a law that is already in place.
In order for pro-life support to win in case law, the amendments should be to add laws concerning abortions such as not allowing clinics advertisement rights to include not providing information on or offering options about abortion to any person.

Ignorance is bliss so to speak. Offering information on live abortions in our health care systems, clinics, schools and/or other public or private organizations is another way of telling our adult and pre-adult women that it is OK to be careless and unaccountable. Offering information to women and encouraging women not to be mothers is abnormal.
This amendment is a way for us as a community to not target young women who are still learning for themselves. Getting pregnant is not a mistake. It happens from generally consensual and unprotected sex. Yes, it is ideal to wait until marriage or financial wellness is achieved, but saving food stamp and family support payment funds is not a good enough reason to offer information to our children and women to find a solution to a potential financial problem. Our burdens are our own to bear.

This is Kansas, where a woman can take a laid chicken egg and put it in an incubator for a month and still get a baby chicken to be born. Where is there any justice in knowing that is probably what every under-age female in the state of Kansas who underwent abortion in the 80s was waiting for. Their undelivered incubated child to arrive special delivery? We are teaching our girls that it is not OK to be mothers. That we have some form of "option" to kill, or to not include the father in any decisions.

We need to provide females, especially teens and unwed mothers that it is OK to be pregnant and to be mothers. It is not shameful, as it may have been when abortion laws were passed to keep from "dirty" and potentially hazardous back-alley abortions from happening. That was good reasoning and protection for the health of the mothers and doctors who performed them. Yet this is 2012.