Washington politics is alive and well it seems, if you don't vote with leadership you shall be replaced.

To the editor:
Washington politics is alive and well it seems, if you don't vote with leadership you shall be replaced.

No, it does not matter that your constituents sent you there to work for them and vote for something other than the usual Washington policy of increased spending and larger government. The good folks of Kansas and especially the Big First District wanted someone that would carry their message to Washington and not only speak their voice, but vote their voice, thus we selected Rep. Tim Huelskamp in what we "thought' would be our representative and our voice in Washington?

It is evident the speaker had a different view of what is good for Kansas and appears to have little courage in denying Washington politics as usual. It was much easier for the speaker to eliminate our Rep. Huelskamp, than consider his views.

"Lockstep" is the word I have seen a great deal of lately. In other words if you do not walk, talk, breathe and vote like leadership, you are a gone puppy!!

So, this being true, our Rep. Huelskamp has now lost his ability to speak for us on the various committees he once served on, yes we have lost our voice and our representation. In addition to the budget committee, can you imagine the nation's top producing wheat state with no voice on the agriculture committee? For the first time in the history of Kansas our voice has been eliminated, a simply stunning action by Republican leadership.

This action by the speaker and leadership may cause one to ask, why do we hold elections and spend our money and our time selecting an individual to represent us in Washington? Why not just leave that selection to the speaker of the House and/or Senate (I think they call those "dictators" in other places) to make those choices for we the people of Kansas?

It will be a great deal cheaper and the speaker and leadership will get who they want to follow in "lockstep" with their continued sorry financial decisions and ever increasing government controls and regulations?

Why bother with the election process Mr. Speaker as you are the one who knows best what is good for We The People of the Big First District of Kansas?