We just received our new property tax forms with the increase.

To the editor:
We just received our new property tax forms with the increase. Water is the sustenance of life. I can understand the importance of history, yet we seem to overlook the future for our children.

We may lose a tremendous historical building, without Andrew Carnegie's philanthropy I just wonder where are education system would be today. I am sure many people passed through the train station, some famous or notorious, as well as the jail. Yet what do we leave our children and or grandchildren?

When Commissioner Moulden asked, paraphrasing, Why don't we put LED lights on the bridge?, the answer was, "Missouri did not want them."

Does Missouri dictate to Kansas? They are a cost-saving item. Sure the initial expense is more than other light bulbs but in the long run they save money plus bugs do hang around because they do not give off heat. I read where the City of Salina's commissioners are considering a total upgrade of downtown lighting. It is a $3.1 million investment for their city, and will save their city replacement costs and energy usage in the long run. Not only does this save money, and reduce energy usage, but it allows the city government to invest that savings in salaries, roads, sidewalks, etc.

I have said before in this section that we need to priorize our city needs. Infrastructure is important yet since I read the police pay system is need of restructuring that is where the emphasis should be put. An understrength police force, fire department, and city services would deter families and businesses from residing in our town.
Paraphrasing part of a movie quote, Think about the future!
Race local, buy local!