How to save us from the fiscal cliff?

To the editor:
How to save us from the fiscal cliff? First, they say we have to reduce/eliminate entitlements, i.e. plans we earned by paying into for 45-50 years. Will reducing Social Security help? NO! It is a separate account with $2.7 trillion surplus. It is the big lie to say it is involved in the debt.

Medicare costs? There are two great savings which will not hurt seniors in this program vital to most. First, we have private Medicare plans covering 25 percent of seniors, competing with Medicare. These cost $156 billion more than Medicare over 10 years. Should our taxes subsidize private carriers? Second, our prescription drug program can save billions if they can negotiate prices. Why not let Medicare do this?
Why can't we cut the bloated military budget, including equipment the military does not want, which mainly helps congressmen get re-elected.

Finally, someone tell me how making the wealthy pay more by raising taxes will hurt them, destroy economy, and increase unemployment? However, making the wealthy pay equal increase by closing loopholes will not hurt them, will improve the economy, and decrease unemployment. Is there any logic to this?