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  • Letter: Now enlightened on guest tax

  • Always better to do a little research before getting all riled up.
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  • To the editor:
    Always better to do a little research before getting all riled up. The front page article in the Leavenworth Times about the guest tax sparked a tone of taxation without representation, for the guests. But, after talking with city officials, reading the Kansas Constitution Article, and relevant KSAs on the guest tax and its procedural implementation and, most importantly, the director of the beneficiary, Convention & Visitors Bureau, I have found a new way to look at this tax.
    Being associated with the Chamber of Commerce does not imply redistribution of this tax to those participants in the Chamber. Cities are bunches of businesses, and their rewards are in the presence of the guests attracted by the CVB to the city as a whole. Since the guests reap the benefits of the tax in the tourism and conventions provided, they are not being duped.
    As every association, group, business has its own interests, so does Leavenworth which is indirectly me or us, the Leavenworth citizen. I want to thank those officials who enlightened me. When things go awry in government or business it is probably attributed to communication.
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