The city of Leavenworth has canceled $14,270 worth of outstanding checks.

The city of Leavenworth has canceled $14,270 worth of outstanding checks.

The 152 checks were issued by the city government to various people over a period of several years but never were cashed. They were canceled Tuesday night by a vote of the City Commission. But Finance Director Dan Williamson said anyone who was issued one of the checks can still claim the money.

“All I would do is verify they are who they say they are,” he said.

All of the checks that were canceled were at least two years old. Some dated as far back as 2004.

Most of the checks were for amounts less than $100. But some were written for larger amounts. One check, issued in 2007, was for $1,379.
During Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Davis Moulden asked what the checks had been written for.

“You name it,” Williamson said.

He said some were payroll checks.

Williamson said a list of the names of the people, companies and other organizations that were issued these checks will be published in the newspaper and on the city’s website.

The list already appeared in the package of documents prepared for Tuesday’s City Commission meeting. Those documents still can be downloaded from the City Commission agenda and minutes section of the city’s website,

Williamson said the city last went through this process six or seven years ago. He said it resulted in some people coming forward to claim money.

He said the balances for the canceled checks will revert back to the city funds from the checks were drawn.