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  • Letter: Commentary on Sandy Hook shootings

  • 'December with tears'
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  • To the editor:
    'December with tears'
    Running in winter
    Bullets going where they never belong
    Ribbons, gifts pushed to the side by spirits bending, rushing passed
    Parents with empty arms, school shot to pieces, safety shot out of reach
    Peace lost to a never again silent night
    By a day so loud as to echo across our country, the whole world laments a season denied
    No surrender in a war undeclared
    Now to cradle and hold the hearts bleeding
    As it will take all year to heal
    Then the rest of forever
    The sadness will keep tucked away to reappear
    With the sounds of children laughing, their dances captured in the clouds
    The world has become more heavy, the sun less bright
    The river mourns but keeps rolling, rolling along
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