The Mediterranean food pyramid provides inspiring ingredients for healthy eating.

Today marks the beginning of a new calendar year, and I started the morning off right with homemade waffles. This particular morning I added a mashed banana and pecans to the batter and drizzled the finished product with honey instead of syrup. I guess you could say it was my annual attempt to start the year off eating more healthy. Then, while sipping a cup of peppermint tea, I spent a few hours browsing through cookbooks hoping to be inspired by new recipes.

Don't we all intend to eat healthier and excercise more after the holidays? Today I walked my dog twice. My morning snack consisted of fresh mandarin oranges. Then later in the day I opted for another orange instead of the chocolate cookie that was calling my name.

I appreciate each new year as it's an annual reminder healthy eating is an important part of my life. And this year my true resolution is to complete the cookbook started last summer. The Mediterranean food pyramid continues to inspire and I yearn to share.