The notion that school killings started recently is absurd.

To the editor:
The notion that school killings started recently is absurd.
The worst school massacre in U.S. history took place in Bath, Michigan in 1927. Mass school killings are as old as schools. Delusional people often attack such places as schools because that will draw huge public attention, and somehow fulfill their delusions of controlling others.
The Bath incident didn't involve firearms. The killer used explosives. He killed 38 kids, six adults, and injured 58 more.

The attack was carried out by the school board treasurer, after he had first killed his wife. He was enraged about losing an election for a county office and wanted to make people pay.

You can't legislate away psychosis, nor delusional behavior. We already have background checks and three-day waiting periods to obtain firearms. The Newtown shooter tried to obtain firearms on his own and was denied them.

The real problem that caused the recent Newtown killings was twofold. First, a young fellow with extremely serious mental problems, who probably should have been institutionalized, was walking free. Second, his own mother had sophisticated weapons in their home, which weren't in a firearm safe, as they certainly should have been knowing a psychotic resided there.

All this talk of added gun control and confiscation is purely pointless, and wouldn't stop such killings. The firearm isn't the culprit here. Insanity is, and can't be legislated away. Trying to disarm an entire population because of the acts of a few mental cases isn't an effective nor prudent answer to the problem. The firearms won't go away. Organized crime would step in and supply all anyone could want, and without model or serial numbers – throwaways.

Where does the banning of weapons stop? Can infantile liberals only feel safe and in control if they also outlaw knives, bows, bricks, ball bats, and a myriad of other possible lethal weapons? Will they agree to disarm all the drug gangs they seem to love so much.
Due to their actions our population is arming itself at record rates. People understand the severity of the economic crisis that will unfold sometime in the future, know they'll need personal protection, and also want the ability to seriously reward those who wilfully caused it to happen to us. Our population will revolt if the infantiles attempt to disarm us. But, based on what they've done to our country, they'd better try.