I would like to respond to the opinion letter published Dec. 27, 2012, entitled "Our right to bear arms does not eclipse all."

To the editor:
I would like to respond to the opinion letter published Dec. 27, 2012, entitled "Our right to bear arms does not eclipse all."
Before I start my counterpoint. I would like to give thanks to the writer for his service to our great nation. Mr. Levine, thank you sir. We appreciate all you have given in the name of God and country.

I want to point out that the freedoms of religion, speech, assembly and arms, were not granted by our founding fathers. Our founding fathers understood that these rights are God given and it is the duty of our government, and of ourselves, to protect these rights. If ever our government tries to take these God-given rights away, than it is up to us, the people, to protect ourselves and our rights. And how would we, the people, be able to protect our rights against a government controlled entity? By matching arms with equal, or better, arms. This is the main purpose of the Second Amendment. It is not about hunting or sport.

The letter written starts by quoting parts of the Second Amendment. However, the writer forgot the part "...shall not be infringed." As in; to not be violated, trespassed or encroached upon. However it appears he is asking for just that, more infringements.
The writer also claims to have earned his right to bear arms and asks what others have done to earn theirs. The answer: They were born. Again, the right is not granted by man. And the right of self protection isn't something that has to be "earned".

The writer goes on trying to compare owning an automobile to owning firearms. Well, in 2010 there were just over 9,000 murders committed with firearms. In the same year there were over 32,000 deaths caused with automobiles. Are we advocating the removal of vehicles from our streets? (There are too many out there).

Are we advocating removing black scary looking cars and trucks from our streets? (They look very intimidating and who needs eight cylinders). Of course not. Adding more gun laws in hopes of reducing crime, is the equivalency of trying to reduce drunk driving accidents by making it more difficult for people to buy and own vehicles.
You do realize that whenever we, the people, turn towards the government for help, the only way they help is by taking away more freedoms. You know, for our own good. Let me also add this fact, criminals do not obey laws. Making more laws will never change that fact.

The writer uses a quote from Thomas Jefferson in an attempt to back up his point of view. However, I feel the best and most direct quote of Mr. Jefferson's, as it pertains to this subject (and there are several to choose from), is as follows: "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms". Let us all understand, the last group of people who were barred from possessing firearms were slaves. Because, with firearms, they would no longer be slaves. Free men are armed, slaves are not.
So, I shall close this letter by asking you: Does our right to bear arms eclipse all? In my opinion, yes. Because history has already provided proof, that without the Second Amendment all our other rights can, and will, be taken from us with ease.