As residents around Leavenworth pack up their Christmas items, I would remind residents this is an excellent time of year to purge your closets.

As residents around Leavenworth pack up their Christmas items, I would remind residents this is an excellent time of year to purge your closets.

As you bring in new presents and gifts to fill your home and closets, I would encourage you to remember the motto, "Out with the old in with the new."

Our family tries to live by this motto. By living in less clutter, you know what you have and it prevents you from spending more. Even though we are only a few days into the New Year, my family has made countless trips to charity organizations to give-away items that we no longer need.

For those wanting to make a little money on the items they wish to get rid of, there are countless Facebook pages that offer selling sites for Leavenworth residents (The Leavenworth Times offers free classified ads for items for sale under $150). I know this is a great way to clean your home and make a little extra money on your items.
While, purging your closets, I remind readers that this is also a great time of year to start planning ahead. Several of the major retail chains have dramatically started reducing prices on winter clothing in an effort to get rid of their inventory. I would encourage readers to take advantage of these sales and shop for next year.

I am constantly getting emails about area retail chains slashing their prices to 50 percent off or more on their clothing items. It was during this same time last year that I was able to purchase my son winter pajamas for this year for $2 and snow suits for both of my children for $6. Both of these items were purchased from a local Leavenworth retail chain.
However, I am not just basking in last year's saving success. I have already saved a lot this winter. Just the other day I was in search for new shoes for one of my children. My child has extremely wide feet and I have to typically go to a specialty shoe store to find wide shoes in my child's size. I went to a large shoe retail chain that typically sells sneakers for children for over $30.

I cannot bring myself to pay that amount of money for a child whose feet are constantly growing. However, I went into the store during their semi-annual sales. I purchased a pair of sneakers that my child could wear now and then purchased a pair of sneakers for the next size up. The sneakers had originally been almost $30 a pair. However, the shoes were being discontinued and were part of the semi-annual sale. Then I received a further discount because I am a military family member. I was able to purchase two pairs of shoes for mere dollars and spent less for both pairs of shoes than I would have originally paid for one pair of shoes.

I would encourage you to remember one lesson though. I would encourage residents to remember while you are shopping clearance sales to not buy something just because it is on sale. Go shopping with a purpose. Know what you need for the upcoming year and set a budget. Only buy what you need and try to avoid purchasing frivolous items.

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