Things have gone too far, due to Liberal progressives. Conservatives need to become progressive, in the opposite direction.

  Going back at least as far as President Wilson, Liberals have been “progressives.” If you don’t quite know what that means, just say “pushy.” They’re always pushing. They’re never satisfied. Give in to them on anything, they just try to get more. There’s no compromising with them, and bi-partisanship just means voting their way. They are relentless. They attack traditions from every angle, and use every weapon: judicial, legislative, and executive. On top of that they cheat at every opportunity, and they befuddle us by changing language and constantly claiming new rights that would have appalled the Founding Fathers.

Conservatives should be progressives in exactly the same way, but in the opposite direction. We can rally around a simple idea: things have gotten out of hand.

On any political issue I can think of, we’ve gone too far left and need to push back. Examples: the government is too big, spends too much, regulates too much. The tax code is way too complicated. We’ve let immigration get out of control. We need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something more reasonable, effective, and less intrusive. We need stronger defense and national security. We need more patriotism. We need stronger family values. We’ve allowed the Liberals to destroy traditional families, and we’ve allowed the state governments to go too far with illegal drugs. Governments should tolerate, but never encourage, non-traditional families. There’s no good reason for the federal government to confer deductions and benefits to gays. States shouldn’t allow marriage between two people of the same sex – they can bind themselves contractually, and that should be enough. These are just examples of things we need to correct.

Conservatives should battle the portions of the establishment that have been taken over by Liberals. The Liberals did so largely by getting “huffy” when they encountered a conservative idea. The big media, universities, Hollywood: all are leaning left and we should push them back to the right. We should use “huffiness” against them. We should assume we have the moral high ground.

Minorities that tend to overwhelmingly vote only for Democrats need to be re-educated – they’re voting for the wrong folks. Lincoln freed the slaves, and he was a Republican. The Republican Party was founded around 1858 as a coalition of Whigs and Democrats who were against slavery.  The Civil Rights which African Americans (ungrateful bunch) now enjoy would not have been possible if not supported by Republicans. Democrats are responsible for the bad economy and the high unemployment. Liberals are keeping Blacks on the dole. You’d think they would catch on.

The American ideal should be a great economy: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We should want to be strong hard-working people who are self-reliant. We should not want to be a nation of people supported cradle-to-grave by the government. Our goal should be equality of opportunity but we shouldn’t try to guarantee equality of outcome. We should embrace capitalism as the way of providing the most benefits to the most people. We should shun socialism and communism.

We should work to limit “entitlements” to safety nets for those who really need them. The federal government should not be in the business of providing entitlements.

We should recognize that government was never intended to be a spending machine and funds are not limitless – they come from the public.

Conservatives and Libertarians should work together behind this one idea: Things have gone too far left. We should become progressive (fiercely so) in working to bring things back to the ideal.