The Leavenworth powerlifting team competed at McLouth Saturday, where two Pioneers walked away with best lifter awards.
In the boys division, Jarred Donnelson was named best overall men’s lifter after he recorded the best squad, 435 pounds, and best bench, 330 pounds, on the day.
Leavenworth’s Maggie Lee then was selected the best women’s lifter after she nailed down the day’s best squat and clean for the girls.
Each lifter won their respective weight classes as well, Donnelson at 220 and Lee at 114.
“I will take my few excellent lifters over three buses full of mediocrity any day of the week.” Leavenworth coach Daniel Capps said.
As a whole, the Lady Pioneers placed second overall.
Other Leavenworth results from the competition included:
Matt Vail winning first and best squat at 114
Alexus Scott taking third at 132
Laura Payne getting second at 123
Nicole Tennant placing third at 165
Emily Ruble performing the best squat at PWT