It appears Obama intends to issue numerous executive orders pertaining to firearms ownership.

To the editor:
It appears Obama intends to issue numerous executive orders pertaining to firearms ownership. The end result is to be a severe infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

Since when are executive orders law? When did circumventing our Congress become allowed? Only Congress has the authority to create laws in this country. Executive orders are only intended to manage the daily operation of government, not dictate law. This guy wasn't elected king, and those orders aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

When will Congress pass all these orders into law? My guess is never. They know the American people don't consider disarming us an important, nor popular issue.

If Obama wants to do something useful why doesn't he do something about the huge debt he's created instead of using other things to draw attention from it? Why doesn't he create some solvency? Why doesn't he take any action to protect the value of our currency instead of destroying it from under us? It seems our fiscal problems, which are terribly severe, have to be ignored in the public arena while fascist Democrats try to disarm our bankrupted country. It won't happen, and not one of his executive orders would have stopped the Newtown shootings.

That isn't the purpose of gun control. More people are murdered by use of hammers or clubs than firearms. It's not about guns, it's about control. A disarmed population can be forced to put up with nearly any act of corrupt government. They haven't the means to resist, to take meaningful action against corrupt government. Free people own firearms, slaves don't.

Our right to own firearms is specified in our Constitution for a reason. It's to give us the means to stop corrupt government when necessary, and it's never been more necessary than now. I believe it was Jefferson who said, "The Second Amendment won't become truly necessary until they try to remove it."

Well, the Democrats are trying, by corrupt means, and should be stopped at any cost.