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  • The Frugal Family: Saving dollars on costs of redecorating

  • After visiting several beautiful homes recently, I had a strong desire to redecorate my home.
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  • After visiting several beautiful homes recently, I had a strong desire to redecorate my home. However, with the recent holiday expenses and preparing for upcoming expenses I simply did not have the budget to purchase anything new, but I quickly learned I could have a new home without having to purchase anything.
    My quest for redecoration began last Sunday night. I was working in my home office and the overwhelming feeling hit me to redecorate. So the first thing I started to do is rearrange pictures on my wall. I took pictures from my home office and moved them around and then moved pictures in from other rooms to help spruce it up even more. I also cleaned out the clutter that seemed to be accumulating in my home office and by the time I was done I felt like I had an entirely new home office.
    I was so excited about the success I had in my office that I moved on to other rooms in my home. In my children's room I was able to move furniture around, purge and bring in artwork I already had from other rooms. I was able to give both my children the feeling of excitement over an entirely new bedroom and did not spend a dime.
    By the time I was done with the project I had overhauled five rooms in my home and spent nothing. Not only did I not purchase anything for my redecoration project, but found I had a massive tub to give away to Goodwill.
    If you feel the need to spruce up your home, do not feel the need to go out and buy anything. Look around your home and see what you have, purge and simply rearrange furniture. By following these few simple steps you can experience the feeling of a brand new home.
    Do you have frugal tips or questions? E-mail them to localnews2005@yahoo.com.
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