The elitist, anti-American Democrats are at it again.

To the editor:
The elitist, anti-American Democrats are at it again.
First they shoved socialized medicine on us and exempted themselves. Now they want to pass anti-American laws to disarm the public, but exempt public officials, themselves, again.

Where is equality under the law when Democrats get together? It seems a lost notion to them. This is a pattern seen over and over again in communist countries – one set of rules for the public and another set for the governing elitist collectivists.

Our Constitution clearly doesn't allow changing of an amendment except by its being repealed, or being replaced with another amendment. And the president is allowed no role in that process, not even a veto right.

Once approved by a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress, the decision must be ratified by three quarters of our states.
Of course there have been court decisions that define the meaning of amendments. But no executive order can do such a thing. That's a void action.

We have huge numbers of laws on the books regarding firearms. And they're being openly ignored. We don't need more laws, we need enforcement.

We have heavily armed drug gangs commiting murders all over this country and virtually nothing is done by Democrats to specifically target them, only the law-abiding public.
Haven't we had enough of infantile liberals making tons of fairy-tale rules for us to abide by while allowing themselves and their favored people to remain exempt from them? I have.

Isn't it enough for them to destroy our economy and our currency from under us, thus creating a potential blood bath in the future, they also want to leave us disarmed and defenseless when it occurs.
If elected Democrats want to disarm us they had better start using legitimate methods allowed by our Constitution. But that would make them stand in public and openly declare their intentions to do so, something they won't do.

The American people don't want nor need to be disarmed. They want and need enforcement of our laws against criminals, something the Democrats won't do.