Bitty Basketball has been awesome. The Bitty Ballers are so cute. We ended up with 72 energetic and enthusiastic participants.

We have a lot to muse on this week...
In the men’s basketball Tuesday night league, I think Bomb Squad is attempting to blow up our scoreboard as they launched — and hit — 13 3-pointers.
They lit up the scoreboard in a 119-52 victory. Harry Burton led five scorers in double figures for the Bomb Squad with 31 points; followed by Randle Berthalter and JJ Seymore with 26 each.
Cody Mohan hit for 17 points and Stephen Didde added 16 as they led Oh Yeah! to its first victory of the season — a 59-53 win.
Behind the scoring of Josh Crutchfied’s 24 and Brandon Dougherty’s 22, LV Street Elite cruised to a 92-36 victory as they protected their narrow one-game league lead.

Jordan Glenn came out on fire hitting nine 3-pointers and scoring 41 points in the Angry Ewoks 73-57 victory over the Wheaton Warbirds, who saw Daniel Rezin score 19 in the Thursday night men’s basketball league.
Trent Peter’s 20 points led four players in double figures for Mutual Savings as Mutual cruised to their league leading third victory 66-44.  PJ Sigle scored 21 points as Purple Reign raced to a 62-43 victory.

Women’s volleyball saw more tough competition this week as it took Boom! three games to win their match over the Dominators.
The Drillers continue to use the drilling techniques of their local dentist sponsor, Dr. Mark Clemens, as they defeated Six Pack in two games.
Anyone who enjoys volleyball should come out on Mondays and watch some exciting games. My cousin, Julie Slater, would be shocked to hear me say that.

Bitty Basketball has been awesome. The Bitty Ballers are so cute. We ended up with 72 energetic and enthusiastic participants.
They are having a blast every Saturday morning.  I knew the coaching staff of the Leavenworth High School girls’ program would be phenomenal, but the high school players have taken the program over.
You can just see the stars in the eyes of the little kids as they follow the high school girls around from station to station.
The high schoolers have been fantastic with the little kiddos. This is an awesome learning experience for both the Bitty Ballers and teenagers.

The youth basketball program is easing into its fourth week of the season.
The officials and the coaches are in sync with the goals of the program and have patiently worked hand-in-hand to make the season a success and enjoyable for all of the children participating in the three leagues:  1st-2nd grade coed, 3rd-4th grade boys and girls divided; and 5th-6th grade boys and girls divided.
As I said last week, the coaches have to have the patience of Job. I watched as coach Shawn Terry (1st-2nd grade) attempted to get a throw-in made on the sideline in the backcourt area.
Understand there is no pressure allowed in the backcourt by an opposing team — pretty simple to set up a throw-in in that situation, correct?
My granddaughter, Lizzy, was being instructed to receive the throw-in, but she was busy doing a cheer! Bless you coach Terry.

Dividing the girls from the boys in the 3rd-4th grades has been a rousing success this season.
The girls are actually playing the game now. The coaches at that level are: Mary Garrison, Katie Kinerney, Scott Mackey, John McEvoy, Winda Ohlde and Pamela Tanksley have done a marvelous job with the girls throughout the season.
There has been remarkable improvement in all of the teams. A huge shout goes out to these six individuals for their efforts with our girls.

Next year, we will be separating the boys and girls in the 1st-2nd grade as well. Fortunately, coach Terry’s daughter will be returning to that age group, so my granddaughter will have a patient coach as I am sure she will still be on the court cheering next year.
We are also looking at making other improvements in the leagues as well. Considerations will be  the height of goals in the 3rd-4th grade league and ball sizes in the 1st-2nd grade and the 3rd-4th grade leagues.

A reminder that the 3rd Annual Indoor Ironman is being sponsored by the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department and the Santa Fe Bicycle Shop during the month of February.
An individual registers at the Riverfront Community Center. The registration fee is $25. The registration fee allows the participant access to the Riverfront Community Center aquatic center, the cardiovascular center, and the running track throughout February.
An individual completes a daily log on an honor system. The distances to be completed during the month are: 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking and 26.2 running.
This activity is open for anyone of any age. Everyone must submit their completed logs by 8 p.m. on March 1 in order to receive their T-shirts of completion.
Also, if an individual chooses, they may do their biking at the Santa Fe Bicycle Shop at 419 Delaware.

I am not very good at keeping secrets. Therefore, I am going to share with everyone the best kept secret in Leavenworth — Leavenworth County has a lacrosse team.
Want to know more? The Leavenworth County Lacrosse Club is for children in the 7th-12th grades. To learn more contact Jim Levine at  913-651-2003 or

Hey all days! On Feb. 10 the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation is sponsoring our annual “Daddy and Me Sweetheart Tea” from 1-3 p.m. at the Riverfront Community Center.
It is a great way for you to bond with your daughters. There will be dancing, games, contests, snacks and more. It is for girls nine years and under.
It only costs $15 per couple, $5 for each additional daughter. Heck, I would take my daughter if she were 22 years younger.
Maybe Lizzy will go with me. She could always cheer for everyone as they play their games.

All you 7-15-year-olds start gearing up for the 11th Annual First City TRYathlon.
It is a fun-filled activity for our youth where everyone is a winner. It will be April 14. More to come in later weeks.

We are in the midst of the registration for adult coed volleyball. We will play our 10-game season on Wednesday nights.
If we get 12 or more teams, we will go to Sunday nights as the second night for the league. Registration ends Feb. 18 at 8 p.m.
All of the team’s players must sign the team roster prior to submitting the roster. Late registrations will not be accepted. Individuals may sign the roster late, but they will have a 48-hour waiting period prior to being eligible to play in a game.
There will be a mandatory coaches meeting on Feb. 20 at 6 p.m. inside the Riverfront Community Center. The first day of games will be Feb. 27.

I have received numerous requests to begin an adult summer basketball league. At this time, we are researching the possibilities for such a program.
With the cooperation and sportsmanship I have observed in our adult league, I view this as a very viable and beneficial situation for the City of Leavenworth.