Keith Melick believes the Leavenworth City Commission needs a change in faces. And he wants to be one of the new faces.

Keith Melick believes the Leavenworth City Commission needs a change in faces. And he wants to be one of the new faces.

Melick is one of six people who filed as candidates this year for the Leavenworth City Commission.

Melick, 44, said the commission also needs somebody who will speak for people in the community and someone who will listen to the people.
As a commissioner, Melick said he would want citizens to fell comfortable coming to speak with him.

Melick, who’s the operations supervisor for a home health care company, said new faces will help perk up the Leavenworth City Commission.

“People get stagnant,” he said.

There are three commission seats up for election this year. In addition to Melick, Davis T. Moulden, Mark Preisinger, Charles Raney Jr., Phil Urban and Lisa Weakley filed as candidates. Moulden, Preisinger and Urban currently serve on the commission. Weakley previously served on the commission.

Two candidates will be elected to four-year terms. A third candidate will be elected to a two-year term.

No primary will be necessary for the City Commission race. The general election will be April 2.

Melick made a run for the City Commission two years ago. He feels he’s learned a lot since that election as he’s become more involved in the city. He believes he’s benefited from becoming a member of the city’s Planning Commission.

He feels, in certain situations, the commission acts for the betterment of an individual rather than the community. He said, for example, codes need to be enforced as they’re written and not adjusted for certain people.

He said the city needs to focus on bringing in businesses. He said it’s great that a new hotel is coming to Leavenworth.

“There’s more that needs to come in to keep Leavenworth alive in bring in jobs,” he said.

Melick said he feels as though things are growing around Leavenworth but the city is not.

“We’re staying kind of status quo,” he said.

He feels another important issue is upgrading infrastructure. He said better roads will bring in businesses.

He said city officials sometimes seem to focus only on one aspect. But he wants to look at a more rounded picture.

“It’s more about the big picture,” he said.

Melick is originally from Pittsburgh, Penn. He served in the Army for 26 years, retiring as a first sergeant. His family moved to Leavenworth in 1992 because of military service.

“And we’ve been here ever since,” he said.