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Feb. 11, 2013 5:15 a.m.

Doesnít it seem like there is a new social media network popping up each day? Although itís fun for me to see what is coming out next, itís sometimes frustrating for small business owners to try to keep up with the next big thing. Check out this short list of tips for the top social networks.
The most common question I get is- what do I post and when? The peak time for Facebook users to see your information is between 7-9 am and 3-5pm, when people get to work and when they are waiting for work to be over. I post twice a day, 7-9am and 3-5pm on the pages that I manage content for on Facebook fan pages. You want to keep it light and fun on Facebook. Users want to be able to relate to you on a personal level and get to know you business better. Iím not saying you have to tell you life story but post a staff member in a funny hat during a holiday or wish a staff member Happy Birthday. When I gain a new client with my small business, I welcome them to One Tree Hill Designs Family then give a short description the project such as a new web design, social media, etc. You don't have to give away any trade secret, but you want people to see that your business is growing.
Don't know what to post? "Like" fan pages of similar business in another part of the country and your competitors to gain insight on new marketing ideas.
Looking to expand your social marketing? Pinterest is a way for companies to expand the social media by posting images of their products or marketing campaigns.
Think of LinkedIn as the Facebook for the professional world. You will want to create a listing for your business to help with professional networking. Encourage your employees to link to your business profile. You will notice big companies post on LinkedIn but donít feel pressured to keep a status, as long as you have a business listing you are fine.
Like many social sites, many people will ignore twitter or feel they have to tweet all the time. You can link your Facebook Fanpage to your business twitter account, this will post all your fan page updates to your twitter account automatically.
There is still question on whether google+ is going to survive. Right now Iím not seeing a lot of traffic being spent on google+, instead business are still focusing most of their efforts on Facebook. If you donít have a lot of time, choose Facebook over Google+ for right now since Facebook is the number 1 social media network. Then when you have time, go back and start a Google+ page.
Hootsuite is my really good friend. For about $6 a month for a basic single user plan, I can connect all the fan pages, twitter pages, LinkedIn profiles, etc to Hootsuite. Then schedule all my Facebook, Google+, or Twitter statuses out for the week and sometimes longer. Talk about a time saver! If you ever notice, the little Hootsuite underneath the Facebook statuses, you know that status was scheduled. This is also a place where you can update multiple social media sites with the same status at the same time. So you can schedule the same status to go to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook with one click. To me itís well worth the investment.
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