Austin Fruechting is owner of Leavenworth Floral and Gifts at 701 Delaware St. in downtown Leavenworth.

Austin Fruechting is owner of Leavenworth Floral and Gifts at 701 Delaware St. in downtown Leavenworth.

1. So I imagine Valentine's Day is like the Super Bowl for florists. How does this holiday compare to the rest of the year and what's it like today at Leavenworth Floral?
Valentine's Day is a monster unlike any other time for us here. It is controlled chaos for the entire week at the shop even with lots of extra seasonal help. On Valentine's Day we will have around 35-40 times more arrangements go out the door than on an average day.

2. What's the best thing to order on Valentine's Day or anytime if you want to make a nice impression on a significant other or romantic interest?
Hopefully, you know their favorite flower and that would be the best choice. I always think it's best to give some general guidelines of flowers or colors that you want and ask that the designer make something unique and artistic.

3. What's the difference in the color of roses? Does it make a difference if I send red, white, yellow, etc.?
All rose colors do have a meaning.
Red is for love/romance, yellow is friendship/joy, white is purity and the list goes on although those are the most common.

4. It's too cold around here to grow flowers at this time of year, so where do most of the flowers you sell on Valentine's Day come from?
Most of our flowers are flown in from Ecuador and that general region and some from Florida.

5. Some people don't realize that arranging flowers is considered an art form by many. What goes into to arranging the flowers we order or receive from a florist?
We do pride ourselves on creating unique, artistic arrangements.
There are many basic mechanics of how to build the arrangement to learn, but it really does take an artistic, creative eye to excel at it. If you ask for something unique, creative, or artistic from us you will definitely get that in spades!

Bonus question: So you must be up to your neck in flowers over this holiday. What does a florist like you give his wife on Valentine's Day – a box of chocolates?
My wife and I typically celebrate with a nice dinner out the weekend after Valentine's Day, if I can stay awake!
— Dale Brendel