I can only wonder about some people's definitions of those wanting to subvert or destroy parts of our Bill of Rights.

To the editor:
I can only wonder about some people's definitions of those wanting to subvert or destroy parts of our Bill of Rights. People who want to change or nullify a Constitutional Amendment through dictatorial fiat instead of legislative action as our Constitution demands.

I'm hearing them called subversive communists, traitors, and other terms most foul. If they don't wish to hear those terms applied to them maybe they should stop supporting those who fully deserve the application of such terms. Demanding the American people simply lie down and watch them destroy parts of our Bill of Rights is worse than elitist thinking, it's pure sophistry, demagoguery.

We the people have every right to protect our Constitutional rights, and to speak ill of those dedicated to violating them. We have every right to demand that proper, Constitutional methods be used to make policy for our country.

Poll after poll shows the American people don't support being disarmed. The term elitist fits those people trying to shove disarming down our throats wrongfully quite well, as do many much worse terms. The dictatorial Democrats demand we just shut up, but we have no duty to do so.

The actions demanded won't have any effect on violent criminals, but will instead punish the innocent of our country by making them defenseless against violence. Criminals pay no heed to our laws, that's part and parcel of being criminal. What about that don't Democrats understand? Why does their judgment always always place them on the side of criminals, and even terrorists? Why do Democrats keep exempting themselves from these atrocious insults to our Constitution? Isn't that the pinnacle of elitism?

The roars of disapproval about their constitutional insults are not only coming from conservatives. I hear the loud protestations of Democrats as well. They won't blame the right people, who they've voted for, and label the culprit "the government", but disapprove vhehemently just as well. They aren't being listened to either by the democratic apparatus, nor their media handmaidens.

If the Democrats want to disarm an unwilling population, they need to stand by for the strong disapproval of we who are fully opposed. They're completely earning the negative declarations about them.
They should read our Constitution, and learn to obey it as well.