Per custom, the Leavenworth and Lansing bowling teams renewed its rivalry Tuesday to mark the end of the teams' regular season.
And for the second straight year, it was the Lions that walked away with bragging rights.
In the boys' competition, Lansing posted a 2,706 team score to beat Leavenworth's 2,304, while the Lady Lions' 1,901 was good enough to best the Lady Pioneers' 1,673.
"We are bowling the best we have all season right now and it's the right time to be doing that," Lansing coach Ed Fenton said. "We had our highest team pin totals to date and we continued to improve our individual scores so hopefully we can continue this into regionals Friday."
Individual series results are listed below, beginning with the Lansing boys:
n John Bredehoeft, 709
n Brad Brown, 648
n CJ Perez, 641
n Thad Marshall, 628
n Bryan Courtney, 615
n Austin Reynolds, 609
The Lady Lions' scores include:
n Rachel Forbach, 484
n Amber Ketchum, 470
n Dallas Castillo, 465
n Natasha Kern, 452
n Katelyn Tollefson, 432
For the Leavenworth boys:
n Levi Denney, 677
n Jeremy Crowder, 577
n Eric Meade, 542
n Austin Wells, 505
n Rob Trexler, 438
n Daniel Drake, 434
The Lady Pioneers' scores were:
n Mallory Scherer, 384
n Jessica Johnson, 349
n Sabrina Sigmon, 417
n Darienne Watkins, 394
n Rebecka Clark, 427
Both schools will meet again Friday when Leavenworth hosts their 5A regional meet beginning at 10 a.m.