With four people living in our home, the price of haircuts can be quite expensive.

With four people living in our home, the price of haircuts can be quite expensive. My son's hair grows quickly and is always in need of a haircut. My husband also finds himself in need of a haircut twice a month and the rest of our family use to find themselves at a hair salon once a month. Frequent haircuts can negatively impact our family budget. However, we have found a way to save in the world of hair care.

One of the biggest ways we have saved is with my son. We recently bought a nice pair of clippers and began cutting my son's hair at home. This has saved us a fortune. With the clippers, they have different guard lengths so it makes it almost impossible to mess up my son's hair. After three haircuts, we had paid for the clippers and now save a lot of money every month on haircuts for him. We have given our son the exact same haircut our area barbers were giving him and now pay nothing for each cut.

While I am able to do my son's haircuts at home, I am not as comfortable to cut my daughter's hair. Still, we are able to save when it comes to her hair.Our family believes in living simply and this is the same philosophy we have in hair care. My daughter has an extremely simple hairstyle. She likes keeping her locks at the length of her shoulders so the longer style allows us to stretch out our time between haircuts. We typically go eight weeks between cuts.

By keeping her haircut simple, we also are able to take her to a discount salon for her hair care needs. We have found our favorite hairdresser and she provides us a great quality haircut for a fraction of the cost. Our salon also provides coupons, which makes our haircuts even more cost effective.

Another tip we have learned is not to blow dry my daughter's hair. We let her hair air dry. We know that blow drying causes her to have more split ends. Split ends means more trips to the hair salon.
In today's society it is so important to cut cost any way you can, this is just one simple way our family has saved a few dollars.

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