Bill was our first finisher in the Third Annual Indoor Ironman sponsored by the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation and Santa Fe Trails Bike and Coffee Shop.

We just continue to muse along this week.

- Congratulations to Bill McNamee.

Bill was our first finisher in the Third Annual Indoor Ironman sponsored by the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation and Santa Fe Trails Bike and Coffee Shop.
He completed the 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking, and 26.2 miles running by Feb. 17. What an awesome accomplishment.

Bill’s typically humble response to his accomplishment, “After 65 years, it’s great to finally be first at something.”

For anyone wishing to enter our Indoor Ironman, there is still time to sign-up and complete the distances before the end of the month. Simply come down to the Riverfront Community Center Registration Desk and sign-up.

- Just like a fairy tale, the lovely princess finally must have kissed the Prime Time players and awakened them from their deep slumber.

Prime Time exploded, living up to their name in the men’s adult tuesday night basketball league as they poured in 111 points in their win over Oh Yeah! Sam Kenyi led the way for Prime Time with 27 points, followed by Brandon Hildebrandt's 25 and Ronald Thomas' 22.

Nick Bowens and OJ Hildebrandt added 17 points each, and just for good measure Spencer Hildebrandt tossed in a three spot. Chris Langley led the evening’s scoring with 32 points for Oh Yeah!

Randle Berthalter scored 18 points followed by Harry Burton with 17 as Bomb Squad knocked LV Street Elite from the undefeated ranks with a 75-50 victory. Curtis Brown scored 18 in the loss.

- Thursday night saw Jake Kavanaugh throw down another 32 points as the Wheaton Warriors were victorious 72-48 over 2711.

Jeff Collins scored 17 in the defeat. Kyle Snyder had 23 and Jordan Glenn's 21 paced the Angry Ewoks to a 67-56 victory over Young Sign Company despite Joe Thorne’s 18 points.

- This week, I want to recognize all of the coaches in our 3rd/4th grade youth basketball leagues.

This is the first year we have separated the boys and girls into two separate leagues.

The improvement in our girls has been astounding. The girls coaches this season have been: Mary Garrison, Katie Kinerney, Scott Mackey, John McEvoy, Winda Ohlde, and Pamela Tanksley.

The boys have been coached by: David Gates, Brandon Hildebrandt, David Howard, David Messer, Jeff Potter, Derry Richardson, Dan Sachse, Charlie Stillian, and Darnell Woods.

What an amazing job these individuals did for these little children in helping them learn the game of basketball. Kudos to all of you.

- In the adult women’s volleyball, Six Pack, with a 2-0 victory over Diggin’ It and sporting a 2-2 record, moved past the Dominators into third place in the standings.

The Drillers continue to set the pace with their undefeated 4-0 record. Boom remains right behind them with a 3-1 record.

- Adult coed volleyball is about to start. We increased to five teams this upcoming season: Block Party (Ryan Hoppe), Boom (Laura Ruble), Pancake Pack (Chris Langley), Small N Explosive (Philip Martin) and Wolters (Stacey Wolters).

Games will begin on Wednesday. It sounds as if we have some very competitive teams — this will make for an exciting season.

- The City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department has committed to developing programs for both the youth and adults to promote, encourage, and support healthy lifestyles within our community in 2013.

We will begin by placing an emphasis on increasing participation in the programs that we currently have in place, and by looking for means to expand the variety of programs offered.

With all of the interest we have received, we will be hosting an adult men’s summer basketball league. This spring we will feature the varsity sports wooden bat adult softball league.

We also have plans for Baby Boomer men’s (50 and over) and women’s (40 and over) ASA softball leagues. In addition, we will begin a 4-on-4 adult coed sand volleyball league during the summer.

- Remember ladies ― come, join us and learn more about the sport of Triathlon. This informational session is geared for the beginner ladies and ladies brand new to the sport.
Our initial organizational meeting for the TRI 4 FUN group will be at the Riverfront Community Center located at 123 South Esplanade in Leavenworth.

We will meet on Wednesday 6:30-8 p.m. in the women’s waiting room. For additional information, e-mail Jolene Hodge at

Tabor Medill is the recreation supervisor for the Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department.