After being off the Leavenworth City Commission for two years, Lisa Weakley said a lot of people have urged her to run again.

After being off the Leavenworth City Commission for two years, Lisa Weakley said a lot of people have urged her to run again.

She said people have told her she was very accessible as a city commissioner and listened to their concerns.

"I would be their voice at the meetings," she said.

Weakley, 54, is one of six people to file this year as candidates for the Leavenworth City Commission. The other candidates are Keith Melick, Davis Moulden, Mark Preisinger, Charles Raney and Phil Urban. Moulden, Preisinger and Urban currently serve on the commission.

There are three commission seats up for election this year. Two candidates will be elected to four-year terms. A third candidate will be elected to a two-year term.
The election will be April 2.

Weakley served two terms on the City Commission from 2003 to 2011. She decided not to run for a another term in 2011.

"I needed a couple years to get our antiques shop going," she said.

She and her husband previously operated an antiques store on Second Avenue but opened a store in the downtown area.

Weakley said she thought long and hard about running again. She said running for the commission is a significant commitment.

She said the biggest issues facing the city concern finances.

"It's been hard for the commission to keep the budget in check," she said.

She said there are challenging times ahead. One of the challenges will be keeping city services at the level they need to be and at the level people expect them to be.

Weakley said the Leavenworth Police Department has had trouble with re-staffing, which she said is a matter of public safety.

Weakley said there are economic development opportunities in the city. She said the city should expand on those opportunities and build on the momentum.

She said the Stove Factory Lofts project at the former Tire Town complex in downtown Leavenworth is a large project.

"I think that will energize development within our downtown," she said.

She said a hotel project in northeast Leavenworth will help with tourism.

"You have to have places to stay in you're going to have tourism," she said.

Weakley said, as a commissioner, she spent a lot of time attending various events and public functions. She said this provided the opportunity to have a lot of face-to-face interaction with people in the community.

Weakley said she still was accessible by other means such as the telephone, but nothing takes the place of face-to-face meetings.

If elected again, she plans to continue the practice of being accessible in public.