Name: Nicole Denney
Position: Social worker
School: Anthony Elementary

Name: Nicole Denney
Position: Social worker
School: Anthony Elementary
Age: 29
Experience: sixth year
Hometown: Leavenworth
Education: Bachelor's and master's of social welfare from the University of Kansas
Family: Parents ― Nancy and Davis Denney, two sisters ― Athena Hart and Daytha Denney, four nephews, boyfriend ― Nick Holmes and his son.
Interests and hobbies: watching sports- KU! Chiefs, Royals, swimming, and hanging out with family and friends.

In several sentences explain how and why you decided to work in education.
I always knew that I wanted to work in a field where I could help people and try to have a positive impact on someone. I decided to become an educator because I love working with children and I want to make a difference in a child's life.

Who is a teacher or professor who inspired you and how?
Mr. Simpson was a teacher who inspired me. He always went above and beyond for his students. You always knew that he cared about you and wanted the best for you. A professor who inspired me was Dr. Glen White. He helped me believe in myself and know that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Who is someone in current events who you admire and why?
I admire our military men and women who are putting their lives in danger to help keep our country free and safe. There are many military personnel that have been injured and overcome severe trauma and yet remain productive citizens.

What are the greatest challenges in education today?
State and federal funds have been reduced for education. We have fewer resources, classroom sizes are increasing, and the enrichment activities have almost been eliminated due to funding.

What advice can you offer for someone who wants to go into education?
My advice is that building relationships with the students is essential. You have to be willing to not only give your time, but your heart as well.

What moment in your career is most memorable?
I was speaking with a little girl about her three wishes. All of her wishes were very selfless. One of her wishes was that I would be able to walk again. She was just a very sweet and caring girl.