In 1992 President Clinton felt our pain.

To the editor:
In 1992 President Clinton felt our pain. In 2013 President Obama created our pain. Rather than spreading the sequesters' paltry 2.4 percent spending cuts throughout government thereby reducing any potential adverse effect, President Obama and his minions focused the cuts to create the most pain and discomfort for the American public.

Excellent examples of his decision to create as much pain as possible are readily available and widely reported. These examples include the Department of Agriculture, whose decision to focus budget cuts on food inspectors is designed to raise the price of meat, milk and produce at the grocery. The Department of Homeland Security decisions, where thousands of illegal immigrants were released days before sequestration began and Border Patrol officers are furloughed, are designed to threaten public safety and security. The Department of Transportation decisions to cut TSA agents and Air Traffic Controllers, thereby maximizing public frustration with airlines and air travel in general.

President Obama sees sequestration and his efforts to magnify its effects as a crisis not to be wasted. From this manufactured crisis, Obama hopes to totally discredit the Republicans all the while generating strong support for himself and the Democrats. Obama believes that regardless of the state of the economy, he will be the winner in this politically motivated crisis.

If, as many have predicted, the economy grows stronger, Obama will claim his leadership in the face of sequestration saved the nation. If, as a few have predicted, the economy turns sour with increased unemployment, Obama will claim that the Republicans are responsible for the national disaster.

Obama even denies creating and suggesting sequestration, and when Bob Woodward, reporter for the Washington Post, set the story straight, Obama's acolytes attacked and threatened this distinguished and well respected reporter of Watergate fame.
This latest manufactured 'crisis de jure' is simply another barrage in the ongoing battle over bigger government, higher taxes and more spending. As if January's 3.5 percent decline in earnings isn't bad enough, President Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes, but only on the rich of course. Yet, if only the rich have seen an increase in taxes, why did middle class incomes decline in January 2013?

Now in the new normal, maybe rich is defined as anyone who pays taxes?