Are your closets costing you a fortune? Do you spend a fortune on clothes and shoes?

Are your closets costing you a fortune? Do you spend a fortune on clothes and shoes? Do you know what clothes you have or are your closets bulging? If you are not smart with your clothing purchases, you can face a major hit to your budget.

Throughout the last week I have talked to a lot of people about my frugal lifestyle. During one of my most recent conversations, I talked to a woman about her closet. She questioned me on whether or not I had my summer and winter clothes hanging in my closet together. I quickly told her that I did and had no clothes in storage. I also told her that I did not have a lot of dressers in my bedroom. I believed in hanging up my clothes so that I know what I have. To truly believe to live the frugal lifestyle that you must follow the motto, "Living with less allows you to be free from stress."

I keep a small selection of clothes on hand. I wear them on a regular basis. This allows me to get full use of the items that I have and do not waste money on items that I do not need. I typically do laundry on a daily basis so that I can stay on top of the items that I have.
When purchasing clothes for my family I refuse to pay full price. Two of my favorite places to shop for my children's clothes are two local Facebook pages that are similar to Craigslist. Bargains to Bargains and Fort Leavenworth Buy Sell & Trade are my two favorite Facebook shopping sites.

Recently I was able to purchase my son's summer wardrobe of name brand clothing for a fraction of what I would have paid for the items in the store. However, it is not just children's clothes that I find on these sites. These sites sell household decor, clothing, toys and more for drastically reduced prices.

The second way I save money on children's clothing is by having a clothing swap with fellow moms. I have a moms' group that share clothes. I receive clothes for my children from other children who have outgrown them. When my children grow out of clothing, I give them away to a family who can use them. If they cannot use them, then they give them away to another family. It is a wonderful program that keeps cost down and helps keep used clothing and shoes out of the landfills.

I am also a huge fan of eBay for myself. I have recently purchased summer dresses for myself for under $5 and they look brand new.
It is truly important to remember you do not need closets bulging to have a great wardrobe. Living with less will help you have a better understanding of what you have, will keep you from spending on new clothing items and just help you save money in the long run.

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